The seldom seen Dr S (Steve Stolarik).  We are not sure where he is from or what he does while he is away.  We are not even sure what kind of a Dr S is.  Is S a Dr? Who knows, and who knows Who?  S seems to be some sort of a paradox, paradoxically speaking.  We are sure you can hear him on "It's A UFO" and "Zombie Rock" performing his signature screams.

John Bedlek (Roswell Ed) played the bass in Crashland from 2010 thru 2015, when he retired on New Years Eve.  After 5 years of space travel, grueling hours and low to no pay, he had had enough.  He is now kicking out the jams at his local church and has become a world traveler.  An Elmwood Park native, John is a lifelong musician and a huge part of getting the live show rolling. The band still uses a lot of his equipment and they are all still great friends.  You can see "Ed" in action on the "City Nights" show.

Jordan Macarus (Jordac) sings and plays the guitar for Crashland.  He started playing the guitar at the age of eight and hasn’t stopped since.   He has performed with the Chicago area bands Winterhawk, Rewired, Cutaway, The Radio Hour, Tamara Pearce, and many others.  Jordac has appeared on ten CD’s, six of which he produced.  A few of his of his compositions have received Japanese airplay since 2002.  He has played at countless local venues, including The Metro, Park West, Aragon Ballroom, and the Riviera.  He has opened for Kansas, Jefferson Starship, Pat Travers, The Average White Band, Dweezil Zappa, and more.  Jordac was a significant creative force on the Crashland project and can be heard singing the lead vocal on "Alien Attack."  Nobody plays a more inventive and compelling guitar than Jordac.

John Koemple (Ovnious) is one of the newer members of Crashland and brings his talents on vocals and keyboards to the band.  He has many years of experience performing with a number of 80's classic rock groups such as- High Infidelity, The Accomplyss, Snapshot, Road Angel and Sleezer. John has opened for several national acts like-The Guess Who, The Atlanta Rhythm Section, Pat Travers, Head East and more.  He has enjoyed playing at many of Chicagoland's festivals and clubs. He is known for for his ability to create the sounds needed to reproduce the original artist. John is influenced by bands such as- Styx, R-E-O, Kansas, and Led Zeppelin.  He says he learned to sing by listening to 3 Dog Night.  John loves to sing three part harmony and is a great addition to the band!


Lynn Parkinson (Celestia) is Crashland's drummer and she has been playing the drums for over 30 years.  She spent several years playing in a variety of different bands in the Chicagoland area such as: Circle of Fate, Jim Kahr, U4EA, IROCK, Fort Awesome, and The Recreationals.  Lynn has performed on television, been interviewed by local radio stations, opened for national and well known local acts and has performed at countless venues.  She also serves as the band's manager, executive producer, art director, booking agent, cheerleader and police.  Better get stuff done! Extremely personable and a crowd favorite; nobody gets your feet tapping and your heart pounding like Celestia.

When Mike Ayres (Astral Mike) shows up, you can expect something good to happen.  One of his many gigs is playing congas and percussion in the Crashland band, but he also currently plays with The Cryan’ Shames, Hurricane Gumbo, and The Jordan Macarus Band.  He started his music career in 1956 at North Central College taking piano lessons.  As a “boy wonder” Mike worked and played his way through the American Conservatory of Music, the Fox Valley Symphony, the LaGrange Symphony, the James Dutton Ensemble, and the Berklee College of Music in Boston.  His resume is too long to list, but a highlight is his 1995 CD “Heart of Love” which is available on Amazon.  Mike eludes categories in the way he synthesizes diverse musical forms.  As a percussionist, his Latin and African influences are strong; as a drummer, rock and funk beats are part of the air he breathes.

Dave Parkinson (Major Aluminumm) was inspired to create the Crashland project during a visit to Roswell, New Mexico, while on a mission to own a guitar purchased in the famed city. He soon discovered quite a deal at Hobbs Music World (a $29.99 red or blue acoustic) and then strummed a few chords. His life forever changed, that blue guitar can be heard on the title track "Crashland". Soon after, he  contacted Wolf Sings and Celestia, and formed this original band which continues to play in the Chicagoland area. Lately, when he's not "gigging" and playing the guitar with Crashland, much of his time is spent writing new material, recording and producing videos.  Nobody comes up with catchier tunes or fresher musical ideas than Major Aluminumm.

Joe Belluomini (Jobaba Hut) first sang on a stage at the age of four.  He sang with bands throughout high school and from 1979 to 1985  played with his band Routine.  After a long hiatus from music, Jobada started writing original music in 2002 and formed a band named Castle Rockers.  In 2005 the Hut started recording with Bill Manrot.  Those sessions are currently available on line. Jobada met the members of Crashland at a neighbor’s party and joined the band soon after. He can be heard on many of the recorded songs and sings lead on "Old Mountain Road." Joe worked in the band until his passing in 2014. RIP, we all miss you and you will always be part of the Crashland family.

Derek Jeskey (Wolf Sings) was inspired by watching his father play the guitar and started singing and playing the guitar at the age of ten. Other influences include The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Grateful Dead, and Crosby, Stills, and Nash.  When everyone was listening to modern rock, Derek was listening to Do-wop, and the ear he developed for those classic harmonies defines his sound today.  At 15 he started performing at parties, night clubs, and festivals.  He was the front man for Chicago area bands MD2020 and String Theory.  Lately Derek spends a lot of his time writing new material and recording and producing videos.  He has about 150 original songs in his repertoire, many of which can be seen on YouTube.  In  Crashland, Derek sings lead and harmonies and plays the guitar and harmonica.  He puts his heart and soul into playing music, and nobody can communicate the meaning and feeling of a song as directly as Derek.